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Taysir al-Tajwid li al-Qur'an al-Majid Book


Purchase a hardback copy of the all-inclusive Tajwid Textbook, featuring visual diagrams, graphics, examples, precise descriptions and brain stimulating quizzes.

The Chapters included in this book are as follows:
1. Al-Muqaddimah - an in-depth Introduction to Tajwid, its history, rulings & virtues.
2. Al-Makharij - a comprehensive guide to the correct Pronunciations of Letters.
3. Al-Ghunna - a clear explanation of all the rules of Nasalisation.
4. Al-Madd - a clear explanation of all the rules of Prolongation.
5. Al-Sifat - a systematic breakdown of all the Characteristics of Letters.
6. Al-Waqf & al-Ibtida' - a guide to the fundamentals of Stopping & Starting correctly.
7. Miscellaneous Rules - a compilation of the rare & complex rules in Tajwid.