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Taysir al-Tajwid Bookmark

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Introducing the Taysir al-Tajwid Bookmark; a friendly tool to help you remember the important Tajwid rules while you recite the Qur’an. This bookmark is not intended for complete beginners, rather, those who have already studied Tajwid to some degree, and simply want to recap or revise the rules. You can keep this handy bookmark in your mushaf and use it to assist you in memorising and applying the Tajwid rules while you recite. Remember, reciting the Qur’an with Tajwid is obligatory upon every Muslim, so think of this bookmark as your trusty Tajwid companion to help you fulfil that obligation. The bookmark isn't for learning; it's more like a flashcard or a reference point to review a summary of all the Tajwid chapters. It reminds you to follow the rules and helps you memorise them. However, if you have not learned the Tajwid theory yet, don’t worry! We have the perfect resources to help you on your journey. Head over to our other products, where you can purchase the Taysir al-Tajwid Book and Videos, which will help you learn the rules of Tajwid from start to finish. The Videos are taught by the author of the book, and each rule is explained in detail, with lots of examples, demonstrations and fun quizzes... Bil-tawfiq on your journey!

The contents of the bookmark are as follows:

1. Al-Makharij - a comprehensive and illustrative map of the oral organs, highlighting the respective pronunciation points of the letters, including a key for the heavy and light letters, a pronunciation practice poem to facilitate the correct enunciation of each makhraj, along with some useful tips to keep in mind regarding the Makharij.
2. Al-Ghunna - a concise summary of all the rules of Nasalisation, with brief explanations and examples, highlighting each Ghunna rule with its respective letters, offering convenient utilisation and serving as a user friendly reference point during recitation.
3. Al-Madd - a condensed summary of all the rules of Prolongation, with brief explanations and examples, highlighting each Madd rule with its respective letters and signs, serving as a user-friendly guide, providing quick accessibility during recitation.
4. Al-Sifat - a simplified and summarised breakdown of all the Characteristics of letters with brief their explanations and the letters they apply to. Also including the levels of Qalqalah, and a useful table for all the rules of the letter ر and the letter ل.
5. Al-Waqf & al-Ibtida' - a guide to the fundamentals of Stopping & Starting correctly. Comprising of a traffic-light diagram explaining the stopping symbols in the mushaf, a list of connective words to use for restarting in the middle of a verse, a concise guide on how to stop on words correctly, and a brief summary of the types of Waqf (stopping) in the science of Tajwid.
6. Miscellaneous Rules - a summarised compilation of the rare & complex rules in Tajwīd that one may encounter whilst reciting, including; al-Imalah, al-Ishmam, al-Tashal and the Ikhtilaf in س & ص in certain words.
7. And finally, the borders of the bookmark are scattered with a handful of verses and ahadith pertaining to the recitation of the Qur’an correctly, with Tajwid, highlighting its significance and virtues, and in hopes of serving as a reminder and motivation for the reader.
Detail information: The bookmark dimensions are 10cm x 21cm, with small print in order to condense all the relevant information onto one tool.

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